Technical And Operational Training

Empowering your staff through training and development.
Through our comprehensive training, MP TECHNIC is offering operating and technical training programs, whether mechanical or electrical, for various types of the cigarette industry machineries including cigarette Making ,packing and filter machines.

With our dedicated trainers and experts in the cigarette industry field, We are offering customized training programs adabted to your needs as we also provide:

  • Operational skills for regular duties and tasks.
  • A strong emphasis on useful practical skills.
  • Awarness of safety, waste reduction and production targets during operating.
  • Troubleshooting during production.
  • Quality visual and physical control.
  • Overhauling for units and stand-by groups.


Fast Support & Superior Services

Mp Technic is a global provider of cigarette industry services for technical consulting, operational support, and engineering solutions.

This service fills the void in understaffed factories and meets your short and long-range organizational assistance requirements.

Our technical talents can help you effectively eliminate your machine-related issues and meet your performance targets and project objectives.

We offer many customized maintenance programs and strategies, developed for the common needs of cigarette-making and packing technologies.

We provide comprehensive machine installation solutions for production machinery inside your factory or to efficiently relocate it abroad with a full guarantee.

We offer operating and technical training programs for cigarette industry machinery including cigarette-making, packing, and filter machines.

This service is designed to help cigarette manufacturing plants to establish or effectively improve the management systems and processes in the production.