Machine Installation & Relocation

Whether it’s a new factory or the expansion of existing operations, we get the project off to a good start.
MP Technic Providing comprehensive machine installation solutions for production machinery inside your factory or to relocate abroad (removing existing machinery or relocating it to another site) with full grantee of fast and seamless start-up with reliable performance beyond your expectations.

Key Benefits:
A key part of our service is listening and working in partnership with our customers to ensure not only a successful installation of the machinery but also a delivery that’s on time,on budget and solid foundation of commercial product. We also offer a maintenance and modification service to ensure that your machinery continues to operate smoothly once it has been installed.

MP Technic installation services includes:

  • Machine Full Assessment (Mechanical & Electrical).
  • Required Spare Parts Report.
  • Decommissioning and removing existing machinery.
  • Express Mechanical and Electrical Installation.
  • Testing and Pre-commissioning.
  • Start-Up Solution and ramp up.
  • Final commissioning actions in conjuction with customer.
  • Handover to customer and documentation.


Fast Support & Superior Services

Mp Technic is a global provider of cigarette industry services for technical consulting, operational support, and engineering solutions.

This service fills the void in understaffed factories and meets your short and long-range organizational assistance requirements.

Our technical talents can help you effectively eliminate your machine-related issues and meet your performance targets and project objectives.

We offer many customized maintenance programs and strategies, developed for the common needs of cigarette-making and packing technologies.

We provide comprehensive machine installation solutions for production machinery inside your factory or to efficiently relocate it abroad with a full guarantee.

We offer operating and technical training programs for cigarette industry machinery including cigarette-making, packing, and filter machines.

This service is designed to help cigarette manufacturing plants to establish or effectively improve the management systems and processes in the production.